Session #2

To Berelain!

PC’s brought the ears back to Gareth, tried to rent/steal a boat from Old Man Adams (??).

Went to Berelain.

Fae met Darrin, priest of Freya. Good contact.

Lispy and Krifi went to the Horse’s Mug, met Denna. Didn’t really go great for them.

Zhan went to Finy’s, rang bell but then didn’t buy anything.

Went to the Palace at Berelain, met Sayrah, Roget, and Zachrys. Learned a little about the map (not much). Learned what the orbs maybe were.

Went to the Qin Monstestary, slaughtered a bunch of Cultists. Just meeting Yakon when session ended.


xpaulxo xpaulxo

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