Session #5
Water and Pits

Fae left, the others thought about following him but then went to Lake Luc instead.

They almost drowned, but then found the place the orb was. They missed the clue.

They then went south into the empty town (Fireballed to shit) went into the tower. Weren’t very quiet, broke in a couple doors then they heard something. Krifi cast minor illusion to make it seem like a door was there, then they are hiding.

Session #4
The Monestery -- Wrapping things up

Found the secret room, Zhan set off the trap because he’s an idiot. They then finished exploring the monastery and found Aran’Gar. They, failing perception checks, didn’t realize he was being controlled (and I doubt they took notes), possible future story line off his being controlled. They then “destroyed” the book of Qin, though Fae helped Yakon find the real one. They then went and played with the Yellow Orb in the courtyard, trying to smash it. They then fought the Shadows, and decided to leave and go seek the orbs elsewhere. Yakon gave Fae the Ka’Kari and a note which opened later that night…..

Fae and Zhan had dreams, keep Nature checking Lipsy and Perception checking Krifi.

Session #3
Slowing it Down

Hung out with Yakon, explored the monestary. Didn’t touch the yellow orb, fought some animated armor.

Really not a ton of things happened.

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Session #2
To Berelain!

PC’s brought the ears back to Gareth, tried to rent/steal a boat from Old Man Adams (??).

Went to Berelain.

Fae met Darrin, priest of Freya. Good contact.

Lispy and Krifi went to the Horse’s Mug, met Denna. Didn’t really go great for them.

Zhan went to Finy’s, rang bell but then didn’t buy anything.

Went to the Palace at Berelain, met Sayrah, Roget, and Zachrys. Learned a little about the map (not much). Learned what the orbs maybe were.

Went to the Qin Monstestary, slaughtered a bunch of Cultists. Just meeting Yakon when session ended.

Session #1
A New World

The party learned the Back Story.

They met Innkeeper Gareth, and helped him overcome a bandit who then escaped.

They almost died a bunch of times in the first bandit dungeon, but eventually killed the Half Orc Noble.

Krifi gleefully collected ears (alignment)?
Zhan acted dishonorably.


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