Jail is fun...right?

Starting act 2.5, our heros found themselves in a bit of a bind. In jail, with Enora and Shaena cursed, it was…not looking good. They halfheartedly tried to escape but failed. It was around this time the consortium exchange went up in flames, burning down most of the shops here. Who did it? Valiar told the players it was malcontents of Dashiva who hasn’t been paid, but it was actually the revisionists. They were questioned by Captain Ezra Grey, who pretty much wanted to murder them (presenting herself as a villian so they wouldn’t suspect Valiar) or Kretzk, that plus the arguement with Kretzk puts her under suspition, so she’ll be careful, using disguise self. They were then questioned by Valiar, establishing him as an ally, and he asked them to fight in the tourney for him and represent the guards, giving them a token he has. He also warned them against foul play. He gave them two potions and sent them on thier way, telling them they can get in touch with him if they need anything. They were also semi-intro’d to the more specalzied Goldies, marked with a gloack streak on thier arm. They then left, walking through the ruins of the exchange, witnessing the destruction. They visited Mercer, who’s buisness was BOOMING and met Samantha, an younger human woman with glasses who’s kind of a pushover. Some jackass named Lord Rogers was kind of a dick, so they will probably go fuck with him later. They were told to return the next day for Enora’s sword, and in four days for the cloak. They headed towards the Arena, seeing the changes on the isle of GAMES as they entered. They were admitted into the arena, (where they had to register by dusk), and JUST realized they were three people with a token for five before the session ended.


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