Oathstone Barbarian

You walk down the hallway for what seems like forever, with no end in sight. After about 20 minutes, however, you begin to sense that the hallway slowly slopes upwards. At first almost unnoticeable but eventually at such a slope you need to drop to all fours, though by that point you can see your end in sight. As you reach what can only be called a vertical rise up 10 feet, you see the sun far overhead shining brightly, the sky cloudless and blue.

After they get up, "You find yourselves on a small island of black, no more then 30 feet across. No trees mar its landscape, nor does any creature draw breath upon it besides yourselves. All around you stretches ocean — calm and tranquil for as far as the eye can see. About 100 feet offshore, a sleek vessel bobs gently on the small waves.

Shaena, this vessel is familiar to you.

**Her ships name is “the Cutless”

She’s a sleek vessel, about 50 feet long, but slender to cut through the water faster. Her bottom is tarred black, but the rest of her is a beautiful almost crimson red. Three tall masts jut majestically from the main deck, though the sails are tightly furled. A cramped set of covered stairs leads down into the bilge. Near the stern, about 10 feet behind the mainmast where the ships helm would normally sit, is instead, swaying gently in the wind, a black flag with the skull and crossbones the universally feared symbol for Piracy.

After the oath is taken

Roll 1d6:
1. Treasure map (or the Horde of Hookbeard if you’re too lazy to make a map)
2. Overcome the Gauntlet of Kord.
3. Become the Pirate Queen.
4. Unmask and Overcome the Drunken Masters.
5. Defeat the Mistress of the Edificent Library in single Combat.
6. Put an end to the Terrible Jabberwocky.

“The ship begins to bob irregularly, the deck moving under your feet”.

If the look over the side, they will see a whirlpool, 10 × 10, next to the ship, though the water outside of it is not disturbed in the slightest.


Oathstone Warlock

Oathstone Barbarian

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