Oathstone Mystic

“Walking once again through the archway, you find yourselves in a small forest glen, with a small house built out onto the lake. Tree’s surround on, and the soft sounds of water lapping and the bright calls of birds fill your ears. The scene would be the picture of normalcy, save for the metal arch floating 30 feet in the air, seemingly of it’s own accord, and about 10 feet across from it a massive bucket made of stone likewise floating in the air of it’s own volition.”

If the lake is looked down into — “At the very bottom of the lake, barely obscured by the clear water sits an identical copy of the floating white stone container, nestled among seaweed and muck, positioned directly below the arch”.

In the house:

“This small dwelling seems neatly organized, but full of potentially useful things.”
Things investigation checks could reveal
A dried up ink well
A red feather that slightly glows in the dark
Many coils of hempen rope.
A book entitled “Mind over Body, Rise up!”
A matching pair of identical gold rings
A small iron trowel.
A rope ladder.
A hookah.
A mostly empty bottle of fine Waterdeep wine.

The solution is to find the rings (they are one of two magical things), throw one into the lake and one up into the stone thing above.

When this solution is achieved “With a thunderous roar, water begins to fill the top container, and it begins to slowly descend as it fills with the clear water from the pond. Through the clear water, you can see the other container lift free of the muck, and begin to rise up through the water towards the arch”

Oathstone Gunslinger

Oathstone Mystic

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