Oathstone Paladin

Walking through the door, you find yourself in a beautiful church. Stained glass windows depicting every deity reflect light of every color into the wooden interior of the church. On the walls you see beautiful murals of the creation of life, of the birth of Bahamut, the creation of the world tree, and the war between the gods of good and evil. Long finely polished pews bracket the carpeted aisle, leading towards the white and gold alter. Standing beside the alter is a beautiful creature that seems to be halo’d in softly glowing light. At first it appears to be an unimaginably beautiful white horse, unmarred white hair falling gracefully over powerfully rippling muscles. As it stands up, shaking its mane of pure white, you notice that on it’s forehead is a large golden horn. You hear a voice resonating in your head, sweet and smooth as honey “Ah, i’ve been waiting for you”.

After some brief conversation with the unicorn, who is wise and polite, she informs them that none can pass save those who have bested her in combat — she regrets that they must fight, but she is bound by promise to test the worthy who come. After wishing them luck, she attacks, but doesn’t aim to kill — just wound (non fatal).

Once she is bested, she will congratulate the party, leading them to the main door. Upon touching her horn to it, it opens, leading to a bridge of silvery latticework that spans from the door to the far side, barely within sight, over a massive ravine. On the other side lies the silver arch.

Oathstone Princess

Oathstone Paladin

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