Oathstone Rogue

Tavern social scene (Murder Mystery)

Before you start, explain to the players how this will work — before they talk to an npc anybody speaking to that NPC will take an insight check, the average of this will be the “group insight”, when their insight roll tells them the npc is lying, I will hold up a finger.

Setup: An old man has been killed, the killer is one of four people in the tavern common room. His name was Nathanial Verdrake, and he has no connection to any of the people in the room.

About the Tavern: This rural tavern, called the No-Name, is a cramped wooden structure of teetering wood. The entire celing has been stained black by centuries of pipe smoke, the the floor appears to be at least half sawdust. The room is dimly lit by various mostly burned out candles, and a large fire with some partially burnt animal turning over it on a spit. A small, boxy bar with no seats dominates the east wall, with a small shelf filled with various dusty bottles behind it. A large tapped keg sits next to it, topped by a cracked pewter pitcher.

Body: An old bearded man, glassy eyes staring sightlessly towards the sky, lies dead in the middle of the room, the plain hilt of the dagger that was driven into his heart sticking out of the body jarringly.

In the middle of the room, three people are involved in a mexican standoff with loaded crossbows pointed at eachother. A corpulent bartender tries to unsuccessfully hide behind the low bar.

The players:

Zack — Half elven warrior. Tall and well built, with a long sword strapped behind his back. He is defensive and gets angry quickly, he will claim he was tending the fire when the man was stabbed.

Velvet — Human female, well dressed in a tight laced grey gown. She will tell the players she’s a traveling merchant from Waterdeep, and was reading her book when the man was stabbed. She will speak in cultured, educated tones.

Gerp — Half orc (warlock), he is a man of few, few words. Answer in pattern “Gerp ____” Will claim to have been eating when the man was killed.

Barkeep Erat — Fatass human. Is equal parts scared and greedy, talks a lot. Will make an offer to the PC’s for safety.

Make clues as you go along, depending on the PC’s suspicions. Let them win, whoever they decide is the murderer is.

After they identify the murderer, guards will come in and take him away, leaving the tavern door to the bright outside open.

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Oathstone Rogue

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