Oathstone Warlock

After being sucked up by the whirlpool, they find themselves in an unadorned massive room of black stone. The room is almost empty, save for what appears to be a man sitting at a massive desk of dark mahogany. A large arch sits against the fair side of the room, and you can hear the crashing of a waterfall in the distance.

As they approach the man, they see a handsome man of a medium build, wearing a fine shirt of black silk. A large parchment sits in front of him, and all of his focus appears to be it, he only pauses his writing every minute or so to dip his quill in the ink jar next to him.

Pact Devil — Revek.

He should at first appear to have little interest in the party, telling them the exit from the Oathstone lies in the next room, and that he has little time to deal with them.

He can offer Boon’s as you see fit.

After the contract is agreed upon, he will roll up the parchment, give a satisfied grin, and disappear with a POP!.

Eventually, when the party reaches this final room, they will find themselves on a small carved platform of blue stone behind a massive waterfall that falls down and out into the distance. There appear to be no obvious exits from here.

After a bit, have everybody make a perception check, a 17+ will reveal that through the waterfall, in the seemingly unending cavern beyond, a glowing light appears to be approaching.

“The glowing figure grows larger and larger, though through the crashing water of the falls infront of you, you can make out no details save the light. Then, with barely a disturbance in the water, the figure emerges from the far side.,wings pulled tight against its body as it barrels towards you, at the last second unfurling its wings with a loud CRACK about 10 feet infront of and above you, slowly flapping to keep aloft, and giving you your first good look at this creature. It is definitively snakelike in appearance, its long torso covered by brilliant emerald scales, it’s eyes small dots of gold, and showing age uncounted on it’s upper body. Massive feathered wings hold it aloft,though you cannot imagine how a creature of such mass could fly.

Name "It name is :Ala – Uka – Rei – Nu -Thara – EE – Nasha – Uru – Oki – Yumi – Ka – Ra, though it gives them permission to call it Ala.

Personality : Replace any gendered pronoun with “it” “they” or “them”.

Why is it here: Long ago, It agreed to it. It will not break it word to them.

Doesn’t know what the oathstone is or where it came from, save it was called to guard it.

“It was given the choice of offering them a choice — It has not decided yet if it wills it.”

“It may either take the choice, or it may take it and exit” — Gestures to the boat that has suddenly appears.

If they decide to take the choice, Ala will polymorph into a naked human “male”, though minus all the bits and pieces. It will appear as too tall, too fair, and obviously unhuman. it will then produce a deck of beautifully lacquered cards that appear to be inscribed on thick parchment, decorated on the back with a red dragon.


Only 1 card may be drawn.

Only those who made the choice to stay may draw.

When a player decides to draw, all other players must take off their headphones.

The Deck of Many Things

Either taking the choice or leaving will trigger a skill challenge, DC 15. They must succeed 3 times before they fail 2, or they all take 7d6 force damage as they emerge from the arch.

Oathstone Warlock

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