Oathstone Wizard

The path continues for a while, but eventually the party sees a speck of light in the distance. After about another 3 minutes of walking, they can make out that the tunnel ends in a wall of opaque mist.

“A quick glance tells you that there is nothing natural about this mist, it acts nothing like a natural mist would. Rather then eddying out to fill the hallway, it appears to be held back almost by a pane of glass or some other sort of clear wall or power, forming almost a solid wall of eddying mist”

As they walk through

“The mist is comforting and cool to the touch, covering your vision in a wreathe of white. It seems to smother the sounds of your footfalls, making them distant and fleeting. However, this is only a temporary distraction, for after just seconds of walking you emerge from the mist into a well lit room. Across from you sits a massive closed door of stone, it’s surface marred by something too distant to make out (Quynn’s writings/anger/etc), to your left and right, rising from the green marbled floor to the cavernous ceiling are massive bookshelves filled with tomes of every make, size, and color. Scattered around the room are stuffed chairs in various states of disrepair, many with large stacks of books on them or beside them. The room is lit by floating sconces that float about halfway to the ceiling, seemingly kept aloft by their own accord, and containing brightly glowing figures of every object imaginable, from a whitely glowing scimitar to what appears to be slowly rotating orbs around a larger glowing orb. In the middle of the room sits what almost appears to be a small room, blocked off on four sides by massive bookshelves, leaving only a small space to squeeze through in one corner”

“When the door is examined “If passage through is what you crave, simply rest — you knave! If the Libraries treasure is what you seek — a quest not for the meek — Simply to the statue speak”

“Pushing through the cobwebbed passage, you come to a small enclosure that holds only three items of real interest — a wooden and glass display case, a four foot statue of a lavishly dressed elven man, and a black leather chair. Upon closer inspection, the locked display case holds only two items — a tome of midnight black, and a begemmed glove.

If the display case is opened, it will detonate, destroying the statue, the case, and dealing 6d6 damage to everybody inside. It also lights the bookcases in the middle of the room on fire. A DC 20 investigation check will reveal the trap.

If they talk to the statue, they will have to do a skill challenge with it DC 15 — they must succeed four times before they fail four times. The statue is Quynn, play it as you will. If they succeed, the mouth of the statue opens, and fountains out 1000 gold pieces and a scroll of Telekenisis (5th level) (A tightly bound scroll of dark leather, engraved with white and blue runes).

After they take a long rest or figure out the statue, "The seemingly randomly scrawled symbols on the door begin to glow with a soft light, slowly floating towards the center, where the mass of scratches resolve into a beautifully crafted figure of a tall elven man before bursting apart….with no sound at all the massive stone door swings open, revealing a brightly lit white stone hallway the continues off into the distance.

Oathstone Barbarian

Oathstone Wizard

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