Oathstone Cleric

The light blinds out as you exit the tavern, your eyes taking a moment to adjust to the harsh sunlight. When your vision clears, you find yourself on the top of a massive mountain, overlooking the land below. In the near distance, massive puffy black stormclouds roll towards you, spitting bright streaks of lightning down upon the plain below. About 30 feet from you sits the edge of the cliff, and what appears to be a small glass ball that seems to crackle with streaks of lightning,, held on a delicate gold stand laced with white and silver flowers.

As Theia approaches the ball

“The wind begins to pick up around you, signaling the immediacy of this storm. Your cloaks catch the wind, snapping out like flags, and you almost feel as though if you jumped the wind would never let you return to the ground. Dust and debris whips up around you, stinging your eyes. Shouted words are stolen by the wind the moment you utter them, looking up, the storm is about to be upon you. As you stretch a final step forwards, you enter a bubble of calm around the ball of lightning, though you can see the storm rages on around you.

Quest (roll a d6)
1. Get Justice for the Sha.
2. Find the SummerOak, in the Deep Wilds.
3. Use Divine Intervention to call on Sylvanus in a time of great need — and succeed.
4. Find the last child of the Sha.
5. Destroy the last Avatar of Talona as Castle Trinity.
6. Gain the friendship of a Gold Dragon.

After the Oath and the quest is given the lightning in the ball stops, and the bubble drops. "You are hit with a massive wall of wind and rain, and you feel your feet leave the ground as the wind pulls you up into the sky and over the cliff, careening you downward on a collision course towards the ground. Seconds before impact, the storm winds suddenly shift, stopping you inches above the ground before dropping you onto the springy grass. Ten feet away from you, worked into the side of the sheer cliff you were seconds ago atop, a metallic sits, melded into the cliff face.

Oathstone Mystic

Oathstone Cleric

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