Oathstone Gunslinger

You emerge from the floor into a dimly lit small room, made smaller by the myriad of tables and the sheer volume of THINGS in it. Long wooden tables of mediocre construction fill the room, loaded down with a dazzling variety of items, many of which you could not imagine the use for. Massive cogs of various colors and metals rest against them, and metal scepters of strange designs in various states of construction are strewn about the room. Almost every square inch of wall is covered with parchments of various sizes and colors, packed with spidery writing and drawings of fantastical things. Against the far wall, set against a rack of bronze, is a vaguely humanoid construction of metal, gears, and pulleys. Likewise scattered in some order only a madman could divine around the room are piles of metal, gears, and various other arcane contraptions.

The statue "Made of bronze and steel, this construction stands a head and shoulders above you. It’s “skin” is made of folded plates of bronze and steel, untarnished by the ravages of time. Where it’s armored skin doesn’t reach, you can see a baffilingly complex system of gears, levers, and pulleys, all made of steel. On it’s metal skin are intricate carving of runes and symbols, covering every exposed inch, even the eyelids of closed metal. While vaguely humanoid, you can see that the creator took liberties with his form — his legs are too short, his chest much too massive, and his arms hanging almost down to the floor. His face is :“human” in appearance only that it has two closed holes you assume are eyes, no mouth nose or ears mar it’s smooth surface".

His eyes open, revealing glowing red orbs, and he ATTACKS!

After the battle “Behind the cage that held the clockwork abomination, you find a small copper lever set into the wall”

“With the grind of steel against stone, the stone passage ponderously swings out, revealing an unlit hallway of unworked stone and dirt leading off into the darkness”

Oathstone Wizard

Oathstone Gunslinger

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